Doctor Who


The first doctor

The William Hartnell years.

The William Hartnell years

The second doctor

The Patrick Troughton years.

The Patrick Troughton years

The third doctor

The Jon Pertwee years.

The Jon Pertwee years

The fourth doctor

The Tom Baker years.

The Tom Baker years

The fifth doctor

The Peter Davison years.

The Peter Davison years

The sixth doctor

The Colin Baker years.

The Colin Baker years

The seventh doctor

The Sylvester McCoy years.

The Sylvester McCoy years

The eighth doctor

Paul McGann as the Doctor.

Paul McGann as the Doctor

The ninth doctor

New Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston.

New Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston

The tenth doctor

New Doctor Who: David Tennant.

New Doctor Who: David Tennant