Doctor Who

Galaxy 4 (1965)

About this serial

This was a four-part serial, first broadcast between 11th September - 2nd October 1965. The serial was written by William Emms, produced by Verity Lambert and directed by Derek Martinus and Mervyn Pinfield. The script editor was Donald Tosh.

What I've seen:

A reconstruction of part 1 A reconstruction of part 2 Part 3 A reconstruction of part 4

A reconstruction, containing episode 3 and some extant footage from one of the earlier episodes. The reconstruction is one of the extras on the Special Edition of The Aztecs, and is a little over an hour long.

Plot summary

Caught on a barren planet between cute robots and their hideous masters on one side, and a race of female warriors on the other, the Tardis crew need to get everyone to safety before the planet explodes.


Good things about this serial:

The main problem with this story is that, even at this early point in Doctor Who's history, a lot of it seems familiar.

Steven's part was originally written for Barbara, who had left by the time this serial was made, and there was no time to make any major changes to the script.

The bottom line


This is not a bad story, and the reconstruction is perfectly watchable. Nevertheless, if you're not a fan there's not that much reason to seek it out.

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