Doctor Who

Bad wolf / The parting of the ways (2005)

About this episode

This two-parter was first broadcast on June 11-18, 2005. It was written by Russell T Davies and directed by Joe Ahearne. The showrunner was Russell T Davies.

Plot summary

The Doctor, Rose and Jack revisit the space station where 'The Long Game' was set, only it's now 100 years later, and we finally find out what the long game is.


Reviewing these two episodes in one go is a bit unfair, since 'The parting of the ways' is a much better episode than 'Bad wolf'.

With 'Bad wolf' we're back in the wacky world of Doctor Who media satire, with the Doctor locked in the 'Big Brother' house, Jack getting a make-over in 'What not to wear' and Rose getting told by the Ann-droid (shudder) that she's 'The weakest link... good-bye'.

Some bad news:

Fortunately, 'The parting of the ways' is much better.

Some good news:

There's one bit of weird plotting, however.

The bottom line


'The parting of the ways' is a must-see episode.

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