Doctor Who

The Christmas invasion (2005)

About this episode

This episode was first broadcast on 25 December 2005. It was written by Russell T Davies and directed by James Hawes. The showrunner was Russell T Davies.

Plot summary

The tenth Doctor comes tumbling out of the Tardis and has his first adventure.


In 2005, this was the first Doctor Who Christmas special ever - something that the BBC never let us forget in the preceding weeks - and apart from the Children in Need special it was the first outing for David Tennant as the Doctor, and everyone was still wondering whether he would be up to it. There are also mentions of a mysterious organisation called Torchwood that nobody knew anything about yet.

Fortunately, three years (and two Christmas specials) later the episode still works well.

Good things about this episode:


Some disappointments:

The bottom line


Excellent fun.

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