Doctor Who

The end of the world (2005)

About this episode

This episode was first broadcast on April 2, 2005. It was written by Russell T Davies and directed by Euros Lyn. The showrunner was Russell T Davies.

Plot summary

It's the end of the world as we know it, but nobody notices.


With this episode, the BBC shows us that they were willing to do futurism and spend serious money on prosthetics, costumes, sets and special effects. The episode also picks up where the previous one left off, showing us more of who the Doctor and Rose are and how their relationship is starting to develop. It even gets in a bit of back story about the Time Lords, and it also introduces a couple of characters who would return in later episodes.

The good news:

The not so good news:

The bottom line


Another case of 'enjoy the ride, don't worry too much about the story'.

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