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Marco Polo (1964)

About this serial

This was a seven-part serial, first broadcast between 22nd February - 4th April 1964. The serial was written by John Lucarotti, produced by Verity Lambert and directed by Waris Hussein and John Crockett. The script editor was David Whitaker.

What I've seen:

A reconstruction of part 1 A reconstruction of part 2 A reconstruction of part 3 A reconstruction of part 4 A reconstruction of part 5 A reconstruction of part 6 A reconstruction of part 7

A 30-minute reconstruction, using still images and sections of the soundtrack. This version is included on the 'The edge of destruction' DVD in the 'The beginning' boxed set. The entire story has been lost, though I understand the soundtrack for all seven episodes still exists.

Plot summary

The Doctor and his companions find themselves travelling with Marco Polo to the court of Kubla Khan. What they don't know is that Marco intends to give the Tardis to the Khan as a gift, in exchange for permission to go home, to Venice. What they also don't know is that there's a traitor in their midst.


The good bits:

The not so good bits:

The bottom line


As a reconstruction, this is great. However, the target audience for this kind of reconstruction is bound to be limited to Doctor Who fans with an interest in the programme's history.

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