Doctor Who

The crusade (1965)

About this serial

This was a four-part serial, first broadcast between 27th March - 17th April 1965. The serial was written by David Whitaker, produced by Verity Lambert and directed by Douglas Camfield. The script editor was Dennis Spooner.

What I've seen:

Part 1 The soundtrack of part 2 Part 3 The soundtrack of part 4

Parts one and three of the serial. Parts two and four are missing, but the soundtracks still exist and are included on the 'Lost in time' boxed set.

Plot summary

The Tardis crew find themselves in the Holy Land. Barbara is kidnapped by Saladin's Saracens while the Doctor, Ian and Vicki find themselves at the court of Richard Lionheart, who's trying to negotiate peace by marrying off his sister to Saladin's brother.


The good bits:

The less good bits:

A couple of notes on this particular version of the serial:

The bottom line

Quite good, actually.

Even though this serial is incomplete, there's much to enjoy here.

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