Doctor Who

The tenth planet (1966)

About this serial

This was a four-part serial, first broadcast between 8th October - 29th October 1966. The serial was written by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, produced by Innes Lloyd and directed by Derek Martinus. The script editor was Gerry Davis.

What I've seen:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 An animated version of part 4

Episodes one, two and three, and an animated version of episode four. A reconstruction of episode four is included as an extra on the DVD.

Plot summary

A moon expedition gets into trouble as a tenth planet mysteriously appears in the solar system. Meanwhile ground control have problems of their own, with emotionless silver giants appearing out of nowhere. And then the Doctor collapses, though it turns out it's far from being all over...


Though it has some weaker points, this story is solid 1960s science fiction and the plot keeps moving along at a steady pace. Some good things:

This is also a notable Doctor Who story:

The bottom line


A must-see for fans, and solid entertainment for anyone else.

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