Doctor Who

The faceless ones (1967)

About this serial

This was a six-part serial, first broadcast between 8th April - 13th May 1967. The serial was written by David Ellis and Malcolm Hulke, produced by Innes Lloyd and directed by Gerry Mill. The script editor was Gerry Davis.

What I've seen:

Part 1 Part 2 is missing Part 3 Part 4 is missing Part 5 is missing Part 6 is missing

Parts one and three. Parts two, four, five and six are missing.

Plot summary

The Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben find themselves on a runway on Gatwick airport where they discover that some tour operators are not what they seem.

The good bits:

The not so good bits:

The bottom line


The surviving episodes are quite entertaining, but what they offer is all plot build-up and no resolution. It might be more satisfying to see them in conjunction with a reconstruction or an audio version of the entire serial.

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