Doctor Who

The keys of Marinus (1964)

About this serial

This is a six-part serial, first broadcast between 11th April - 16th May 1964. The serial was written by Terry Nation, produced by Verity Lambert and directed by John Gorrie. The script editor was David Whitaker.

Plot summary

Caught between two warring factions on a planet where the beaches are covered in glass and the paddling puddles are filled with acid, the Tardis crew need to retrieve four keys before they can leave.


After 'The Daleks', this is the second story by Terry Nation. I understand it had to be written at the last moment to replace another story that didn't work out. Nation also had to work around the absence of William Hartnell, who was on holiday for two weeks while this serial was being recorded.

This serial is unique for the era, in that it consists of several different stories connected by a common theme.

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The bottom line


Entertaining from beginning to end.

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