In this article an in-depth look is taken at the element Air. This article is part of a four part series, the other articles in the series are Earth, Fire and Water. The articles can be read in any order.


Traditionally Air is associated with the east, with the spring equinox and with dawn. Of the four magical tools, the wand is associated with air and with the east. Colours that are associated with Air and the east are the colours of the sky, like light blue and white, and yellow. Traditionally a distinction is made between male and female elements, and between constant and inconstant elements. Air is considered male and constant.


Air stands for the intellect and for communication. Science, logic, computers, the Internet: all are associated with Air. These are things with great potential, that are valued very highly in our culture.

In many western esoteric traditions the person who leads a ritual is placed in the east. The east is the direction where the first morning light comes from; in a symbolical sense this is the direction where wisdom and enlightenment are found.

The qualities associated with Air have great potential, but they also pose a challenge. This can best be illustrated by looking at the 'mad scientist' figure in horror and science fiction stories. Intellectual ability that is not balanced by ethics and common sense can lead to disaster. Intellectual ability enabled us to create the nuclear bomb; ethics and common sense should stop us from using it.


Here are some practical exercises you could do to further explore the role of the element Air in your life.

Further exploration

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