In this article an in-depth look is taken at the element Fire. This article is part of a four part series, the other articles in the series are Earth, Air and Water. The articles can be read in any order.


Traditionally Fire is associated with the south, with the summer solstice and with noon. Of the four magical tools, the sword is associated with fire and with the south. The colour most associated with Fire and the south is red. Traditionally a distinction is made between male and female elements, and between constant and inconstant elements. Fire is considered male and inconstant.


Fire stands for passion, courage, creativity, love, and everything that spurs us on. Without the fire of the sun our world would be cold and dead; without fire to warm our hearts and keep us going we too would be life-less.

But there's another side to this as well. Fire can do a lot of damage when it is not carefully contained; and if our planet were to move much closer to the sun most, if not all, life would perish. The same applies to the fire within us: if our passions are not balanced with self-discipline and common sense, they may lead us to rash actions and make us insensitive to other's needs.


Here are some practical exercises you could do to further explore the role of the element Fire in your life.

Further exploration

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