In this article an in-depth look is taken at the element Earth. This article is part of a four part series, the other articles in the series are Air, Fire and Water. The articles can be read in any order.


Traditionally Earth is associated with the north, with the winter solstice and with midnight. Of the four magical tools, the pentacle is associated with earth and with the north. Colours that are associated with Earth and the north are black (winter solstice, midnight, the light at it's lowest ebb), earth-tones like brown and grey, and green. Traditionally a distinction is made between male and female elements, and between constant and inconstant elements. Earth is considered female and constant.


There's something dualistic about the role of the element Earth in our lives.

On the one hand Earth stands for everything that's close to home: the ground under our feet, our bodies, the food that we eat, the physical plane as a whole. On the other hand earth is associated with the north, the direction where the light dies and is re-born, and with the winter solstice and midnight. From this angle Earth stands for re-birth and transformation.

This is an important lesson that Earth has to teach us: to be aware that there's more than just this physical plane, but also to keep our feet firmly on the ground and never let this awareness stop us from caring about the world around us.


Here are some practical exercises you could do to further explore the role of the element Earth in your life.

Further exploration

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