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I started this site in the beginning of 1999, following the HTML 3.2 standard. Or rather, I used an HTML manual of which the authors claimed to follow the HTML 3.2 standard. When I changed to frames in 2000, I read the f****** manual and coded my frames accordingly. And then I decided to validate my code... Blech. Structure all wrong. There shouldn't be a BODY statement in the NOFRAMES section. The NOFRAMES section should be inside the FRAMESET. FRAMEBORDER, NORESIZE and SCROLLING should go in the FRAME statement, not in the FRAMESET. BORDER="0" isn't recognized. Without BORDER="0" I get borders. Yuck.

I'm not sure what the problem is. Was the manual wrong? Is the HTML 4.0 standard that much different from the HTML 3.2 standard? If so, why?

Anyway, I've been a good girl and updated my framesets, all 75 of them. I also validated and updated this page. I still got some errors (the aforementioned BORDER="0", the BGPROPERTIES attribute, I know it's IE-specific but I happen to like it). Why oh why haven't I done this before I started redesigning my site and copying my files all over the place?
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06.13.00 - MOSCOW Russian media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky, whose newspapers and television are often critical of the government, was arrested today on charges of seizing state property. (...) Gusinsky has been locked in a dispute with President Vladimir Putin's administration in recent months. He has claimed the Kremlin is persecuting him because it wants to discourage the independent news media from delving into possible problems within the government.
Link opens in new window The Freedom Forum Online

13.12.00. 15:40 - In the evening of December 12 a Spanish judge handed down a ruling to take businessman Vladimir Gusinsky into custody. According to a Spanish radio broadcast, the media magnate was sent to prison. During questioning Gusinsky attempted to prove he was not under Spanish jurisdiction because, he argued, he was not a "resident" of that country. However, the Spanish judge did not think his arguments were sound. Nor was he impressed by the magnate's claim that he had been subjected to politically motivated persecution.
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Vladimir Gusinsky OLIGARCH - MOST Group. Career Notes: Was awarded national broadcasting license for television network NTV in exchange for hysterical anti-Communist propaganda in 1996 presidential elections...When Yeltsin fell out with Luzhkov in 1994, Kremlin bodyguard Alexander Korzhakov used paramilitary troops to attack Gusinsky's armored convoy in broad daylight on the Novy Arbat in order to send message to Luzhkov...Along with Berezovsky, lost in bid for Svyazinvest to George Soros and Vladimir Potanin in 1997, setting off so-called banker's war...
Link opens in new window The Exile Political Trading Card Series

MOSCOW, Jan 29 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he wanted Russia's NTV television to remain independent, a status billionaire George Soros said was a precondition for any western investment in the embattled channel. Putin met leading NTV journalists for more than three hours in the Kremlin library, rejecting their complaints that prosecuters were conducting a witch-hunt against the station and Vladimir Gusinsky, founder of its parent group Media-Most.
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Welcome to the Anti-Bloggies. A place where you can vote for categories that were missed by those other awards sites. (...) Voting ends Friday, February 2, 2001. Winners will be announced after we're done laughing.
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The weblogs are growing up fast. Faces are changing, voices are deepening, breasts are swelling, and angsty poetry is being written. With this new found and ill-fitting maturity comes the need to cling to your friends and categorise everyone else. And so we enter...
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By nature, I'm suspicious of hype. I think anyone with a journalism background is like that. And, given the tidal wave of hype weblogs received in late 1999, it was hard not to rebel. I started saying that I hated weblogs, just to see what would happen.
Link opens in new window What the hell is a weblog? And why won't they leave me alone

The weblog community is quickly becoming the most sliced, diced, tracked, and spidered chunk of the net that I know about. Here are some resources for your amusement and edification.
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There is intense interest in the Internet's potential to contribute to various sociological phenomena, primarily from American Internet enthusiasts. Foremost among these ideas is that the Internet will contribute to, or even be primarily responsible for, a new era of participatory democracy and a revitalisation of the public sphere.
Link opens in new window Does internet create democracy?

As participants of the Internet age, we must step outside the experience at times to observe the changes in our society. This site is interdisciplinary -- incorporating psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Here is a collection of original articles, over 120 annotated links, and recommended readings.
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The Online Community Report is a free twice-monthly e-mail newsletter covering current events and trends in online communities - with searchable online archive.
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More work done on the site navigation. I also rewrote part of the "about..." pages. (Link opens in this window About...).

The Bloggies are publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs in 30 categories. (...) On Saturday, January 20 or Sunday, January 21, the finalists will be announced and voting will be open again to choose the winners.
Link opens in new window The 2001 bloggies


I've been busy working on the site navigation (again...) and I haven't had a lot of time to update the weblog.

I came across a link to this site on lileks.com (Link opens in new window lileks.com). It has a nifty Javascript application that lets you build a self-portrait online. This is what I came up with:

Is this me?

I did cheat a bit, using MsPaint to remove a handbag, add a briefcase and change the colour of the pants.
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Just a couple of nice personal sites for today.
Link opens in new window Gusset
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In every field of human endeavor, there are those dedicated to expanding knowledge, freedom, efficiency, and utility. Many of today's brightest innovators are working along the electronic frontier. To recognize these leaders, the Electronic Frontier Foundation established the Pioneer Awards for deserving individuals and organizations. The Pioneer Awards are international and nominations are open to all.
Link opens in new window Recognizing pioneers of the electronic frontiers

HECK is not a place for evil, but for the misunderstood. It's a place for wordsmiths, musicians, underground comix artists, performers, iconoclasts, outsiders, visionaries and deviants of all kinds.
Link opens in new window Gates of Heck, Inc

Nasty is a peer-reviewed journal, which exists to create a forum for the dissemination and promotion and of new, controversial and challenging cultural and academic thought across the humanities.
Link opens in new window Nasty. Academia at its brattiest

Since our March 1, 1998, launch, we have devoted most of our resources to evaluating the emerging field of online journalism, providing readers commentary, monthly features and Web resource databases.
Link opens in new window Online Journalism Review

Open is an independent monthly magazine that is the first and only controlled-circulation publication written specifically for buyers of Linux and all Open Source products and services.
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"world's largest online library of drug policy"
Link opens in new window The Drug Library

"the Internet's center for substance use related risk reduction"
Link opens in new window Drugtext


There are many scientific tasks that require human perception and common sense, but may not require a lot of scientific training. Identifying craters on Mars is something almost anyone can do, and classifying them by age is only a little harder.
Link opens in new window The NASA clickworkers study

This project is currently a private effort to support Project Gutenberg and is not an 'official' Project Gutenberg site.
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