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Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating-system chief, Jim Allchin, says that freely distributed software code such as rival Linux could stifle innovation and that legislators need to understand the threat.
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I was disturbed, because Allchin suggested that open source is somehow "un-American." He can hardly be unaware of the historical resonances of such a statement, that it harks back to the Cold War images of free market democracies versus communism. To have the discussion about alternate business models descend to such a level demonstrates either that Allchin was quoted out of context (since I hear he's a thoughtful, intelligent guy), or that Microsoft has truly grown desperate in its fear of the competitive threat from Linux.
Link opens in new window Tim O'Reilly: A Response to Jim Allchin's Comments

Microsoft speaks about Jim Allchin's earlier statements, in which he lobbed a few grenades at open source, which he called both unamerican and an intellectual property destroyer.
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Join the largest, most diverse online community of music lovers in history by downloading and installing Napster.
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A court ruling Monday allows Napster users to continue swapping music for now but opens the door to millions of dollars in damages that could cripple the service.
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This site is funded by independent artists to help educate the public on the hazards Napster poses for musicians. Originally, MP3 technology promised a new paradigm that would give recording artists unaparalled access to a broad, national market without the huge overhead in physical distribution and maketing costs associated with compact discs. Instead, the technology is being used to pirate copyrighted material on a scale never before imagined.
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Two things struck me looking at Napster. One was hooray - at last I might as well say fuck BMI. They are not protecting me any more, if they ever did.
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The ultimate portal to the life, death and legacy of Bill Gates.
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Bill Gates is dead... and while many Americans seem willing to accept the "open-and-shut" official investigation of the events surrounding his murder on December 2, 1999, a growing a number of people are challenging these conclusions in public meetings, in the street and on the Web
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The Gates Memorial WebRing is a group of sites related to the tragic death of Bill Gates, including memorials, conspiracy theories and more.
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Issue 100. No conceptual interface. No heavy artwork. Just one guy's story.
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