Just another day; your choice; there and back again
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The Soviet war in Afghanistan; women in Afghanistan; terrorism and backgrounds
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Hackers are terrorists? Understanding; faith and humanity; remember; random signals; going places, meeting people; flames and flame wars
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Magic; CV; don't look now; Microsoft; Blog me!
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Hunger strike in Turkey; the semantic web; Flash logic games; Dmitry Sklyarov; death in Genoa; G8; spyware; choose your own adventure; Microsoft; I got rid of my mother's wheelchair
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A night at the opera; Without Sanctuary; Yahoo / Nazi auction case; Microsoft; Metafilter defacement; DOS attacks on GRC.com; Hillerphoto.com
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Class action suit filed against Microsoft; Independents day; Kaycee Nicole; flying lessons; Douglas Adams dead; time flies; ageless
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Global climate change; message board; I need to wake up; FTAA; am I God or not; Blogger; Wicca; April fool; foot-and-mouth disease; new domain
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Harlan Ellison fights for creator's rights; web metaphysics; fun with fonts; the WaSP browser update campaign
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Microsoft's Jim Allchin on open source software; Napster ruling; Bill Gates is dead; K10K 100
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Adventures with HTML; Vladimir Gusinsky; weblogs; net culture and community; storbot; a couple of nice personal homepages; e-zines and opinions; drugs; volunteer programs
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