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The problem cropped up July 31, when Microsoft released a service pack upgrade for Internet Explorer 5.5, dubbed SP2. Microsoft routinely issues service packs to patch security problems with its browser. In this case, however, Web surfers who installed the product were unable to view QuickTime video. The same problem affects a test release of Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 6 browser.
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I've redesigned and moved another section of this site (some 15 pages). Which means that the move is getting near its completion.
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I've updated my CV, which was still at the old site. I also redesigned it, getting rid of the frames and using a set font-size and text-align for the first time.
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I'm embarrassed.
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Jim Allchin on smart tags: We dropped it because we listened to feedback. A lot of people misunderstood what was going on, and there were a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about the way the technology worked. The claims that we were driving people to Microsoft-chosen Internet sites was nonsense. [...] As such, I expect it to be included in the next version Windows post-XP [code-named Longhorn]. We don't have any specific plans around that as yet, but we have people talking about what we will do from a technical perspective. I expect we will come up with a proposal, probably have a design preview on it and then include this in the appropriate release, the most likely being Longhorn.
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In a filing Tuesday with the U.S. Supreme Court, Microsoft wielded Jackson's oft-voiced attacks on Bill Gates and other company executives as a sickle to slice away any legal finding of wrongdoing on the part of the world's richest antitrust defendant. [...] This appeal comes as the Justice Department and state attorneys general are trying to decide whether to try to block the release of the company's new flagship operating system, Windows XP, scheduled for October.
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"What AOL has sought is to be able to compensate OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) for promotional rights that Microsoft has taken for free," he said. "Of course Microsoft doesn't like that. No monopolist likes competition." AOL spokesman John Buckley says AOL on the desktop gives consumers more choices with Windows XP. Microsoft executives countered that AOL is being heavy-handed with PC makers. "The stuff AOL is doing now is just limiting market choice. It's unbelievably egregious," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday at the company's financial analyst meeting at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters. Chairman Bill Gates said AOL is "trying to get OEMs to delete the features of Windows." [...] The backroom deal-making comes as competition heightens between Microsoft and AOL. Besides butting heads in areas such as instant messaging and online access, AOL and Microsoft are facing off in the e-commerce arena over technology that makes it easier to navigate the Web and make purchases online.
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I've got a confession to make. I've got no idea who you are.

From the (not very extensive or detailed) statistics that I get from Yahoo webhosting I can tell that on busy days 35 to 45 unique visitors visit this page. There are more visitors after I've made an update, so apparently many of you get here through weblog monitoring services like Weblogs.com or through bookmark subscriptions. Since I don't get referrer logs I'm not sure how you get here.

In the more than two years that this site and its previous incarnations have been on-line, maybe three or four people have sent me e-mail about it. More of you were kind enough to rate me on Bloghop.com and I appreciate that, even if you decided to hit the little red square. That the Well featured my site, which was then still hosted on their server, as a featured site in August 2000 came as a pleasant surprise. Still, I don't feel like I know you.

Which is a very long-winded way to introduce the review of this weblog by the Blog you! team. To have readers talk back to me was interesting, even if it was in the mid of a 24 hour blog-a-thon. I do hope they got a good night's sleep afterwards.
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About what they said: I don't know. I'm beginning to feel confident about writing the occasional journal entry, but comments about the links that I post, I don't know. Often I prefer to post a couple of links representing opposing viewpoints about an issue that interests me, leaving it to the reader to make up their own mind. And sometimes...

...take these links about the hunger strike in Turkey that I posted the other day. I posted them because I saw a program on television that had interviews with Zehra Kulaksiz at several stages of her hunger strike (she would die on the 223rd day, after seeing her 19 year old sister die first after 137 days without food) and her parents. I still remember the interviews with her father, so willing to let her and her sister do what they believed to be the right thing, and so clearly, desperately not wanting them to die.

I mean, what do you write about something like that?

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