Water and earth

In this article an in-depth look is taken at the connection between the elements Water and Earth. This article is part of a four part series, the other articles in the series are Connecting Earth and Air, Connecting Air and Fire and Connecting Fire and Water. The articles can be read in any order.


Traditionally Water is associated with the west, with the autumn equinox and with dusk. Earth is associated with the north, with the winter solstice and with midnight. Both Water and Earth are considered to be female. Water is considered to be inconstant and Earth constant.


The world is travelling from dusk to midnight, darkness is falling, and everything quiets down as the night sets in...

One aspect of Water is emotion, empathy; one aspect of Earth is the material plane, the world around us. A balance between the two is needed: Water's ability to be emotionally touched by what happens in the world around us is one of the things that make us human, but in excess this may cause us to be intensely emotionally involved in all the suffering of this world without being able to do anything about it. On the other hand an excess of the Earth qualities within us may make us materialistic and uncaring.

In a way connecting Water and Earth has everything to do with letting go, with realising that nothing in this world last forever, and with dealing with the loss. There's also an aspect of making sacrifices for the greater good. Earth has an other aspect, which is transformation, rebirth. As we progress through life we learn that life and death, death and rebirth, are different sides of the same coin.

Water and earth... when in balance there will be fertile ground, when unbalanced you get a desert, or floods, or a swamp. The same goes for us: too much emotion may almost literally drown us, but a lack of it will leave us barren.

Both Water and Earth are female elements. One aspect of connecting Water and Earth is coming to terms with the archetypically female aspect of ourselves. All of us, females and males, have this aspect within us.


To learn more about the connection between Fire and Water in your own life, you might ask yourself questions like these:

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