Behind the scenes

I'm writing a novel, the first draft of which can be found elsewhere on the site. What you'll find over here is, basically, project documentation. The idea is that what I put here will help me get the novel finished.

The war (1155 - 1173)

1155 - 1160

In the west an increasing number of localised skirmishes takes place.

In the east the lawmen are a small and mostly administrative force, whose commander-in-chief is an advisor to King Jadrek II. Local sherifs, nominally part of the lawmen but possessing a great deal of independence, keep the peace in the western countryside.

1160 - 1165

Rumours start about princess Azeara having a son, whose son is alleged to be making a bid for the throne. Small armies are forming, some in favour of King Jadrek II and others in favour of the contender. In the western countryside death and destruction are now rampant, and both sides think they are caused by the other side.

Trading caravans travelling to the west start to disappear, and no caravans from the west reach the east part of the country anymore. Since the local sherifs used these caravans to send their reports to the lawmen's headquarters, the flow of information dries up.

The lawmen begin to get some concerns, but their numbers are to small to effectively do something. After much negotiation with King Jadrek II they're allowed to join forces with the army and call up reservists to active duty.

1165 - 1173

In the west death and destruction reign supreme. Storytellers and healers are burned at the stake.

The lawmen move in. They find their enemies in a killing frenzy, forcing them to kill or be killed. Any prisoners the lawmen take either keep trying to kill their captors or commit suicide. Many units of lawmen end up going mad and killing each other. In the border provinces the efffect seems less.

1173 -

Only in the border provinces there are small bands of survivors. The frenzy has stopped, and because of lack of resistance the fighting stops.

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