Behind the scenes

I'm writing a novel, the first draft of which can be found elsewhere on the site. What you'll find over here is, basically, project documentation. The idea is that what I put here will help me get the novel finished.


1064King Jadrek I is born.
1065King Evazar is born.
1086King Evazar marries Mandeleh.
1089Azeara is born.
1104Alledged murder by King Evazar of his daughter, Azeara.
1107King Evazar is deposed by Jadrek I.
1115King Jadrek II is born.
1116Jadrek I is assassinated with most of his familiy. Only his youngest son survives.
1118The army takes control until Jadrek's surviving son is old enough to become King.
1126The storyteller is born.
1131Rhiana is born.
Jadrek II is crowned.
Agromas comes to the storyteller's village.
1138Agromas starts teaching the storyteller.
1151The storyteller and Rhiana get married.
1154Jorden is born.
1155The storyteller's house is burned down, and his family disappears.
The war starts.
The inn is bought by its current owners.

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