After the war

I'm writing a fantasy novel, one episode at a time. Once finished, the length will be about 100,000 - 150,000 words. Here's how it all started and why I'm doing it.

Book 1: The storyteller's journey

In a country racked by war, a man is nearly destroyed by his efforts to come to terms with his past.
Introduction and start of part 1
Index of all episodes

Our hero sets out to face the King to find some answers.
Introduction and start of part 2
Index of all episodes

Part 3. (In progress.)
Introduction and start of part 3
Latest episode

Part 4. (Not started yet.)
Introduction and start of part 4
Latest episode

Book 2: The priestess' calling

I had this intuition that, after writing what is now Part 1 of Book 1, I would be writing something called The priestess' calling. What I subsequently wrote (Part 2 of Book 1) clearly wasn't it. I do have some ideas where I want to go with it, though.

Book 3: The king's coronation

At this stage, this one is nothing but pure speculation. Like with Book 2 I do have some ideas where I want to go with this, so there may be hope yet.


Lessons learned about writing.

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