Hi, my name is Rina and I'm writing a novel. (Insert twelve-step-program-type "Hi, Rina!" chorus here.) Here are some recent thoughts about writing. Whether these will turn into lessons learned remains to be seen.


I'm writing a novel. Or rather, I'm spending a considerable amount of time and energy producing a body of text that may turn out to be a great novel, an utter piece of crap or anything in between.

And to make it even worse: once it's finished I'll be expecting people to read it, expending several hours of their lives that they could have spent making money, having great sex or washing the car.

And yet, and yet. I've spent over twenty years of my working life doing things that are unlikely to leave any kind of footprint in the history of mankind. Does that bother me? Yup, sometimes it does. But most of the time the day-to-day rewards are enough. And besides, I need a job to make a living and I've been lucky to be making decent money doing things I enjoy.

By writing a novel I'm bringing something into this world that didn't exist before. In all likelihood it will go down in obscurity, but the fact remains that it will be there and it will be mine. That will have to be enough.


This article was written after writing episode 29 of the first draft of my novel After the War.
After the War (29)

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