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Rain Taxi is a quarterly publication featuring reviews of literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction,with an emphasis on works that push the boundaries of language, narrative, and genre.
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Through Backinprint.com, authors offer their private supplies (including some collector's editions) and on-demand quality paperback editions of their books to readers.
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This mystery writer's site has more to offer than the average writer's site. For instance, check out the Titles from Shakespeare section.
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The Alchemind Society is an international nonprofit association of people united in the principle that the freedom to control one's own consciousness is the essential foundation of all other freedoms.
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Mr. Kubby, who lives in Laguna Beach, played a key role in the Proposition 215 campaign in 1996 and was the Libertarian Party candidate for California governor last year. He and his wife, Michele, both of whom use medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation, were arrested for marijuana cultivation and sale several months ago when they lived in Placer County.
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Reporting on the drugs war from Latin America
Link opens in new window Narconews

Our volunteers staff harm reduction booths at raves, nightclubs and other dance events where they provide information on drugs, safer sex, and other health and safety issues concerning the electronic dance community (like driving home safely and protecting one's hearing).
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And another place to talk about website design.

I honestly do not have this all planned out, but I have an idea. A somewhat controlled environment, where a root administrator starts a thread of discussion. The topic of the thread can either be started by the administrator or suggested by a dreamless user. It is the idea of collecting a group consciousness on any given topic. An attempt to create an endless pool of inspiration - based on ideas, principals, mentalities, anomalies and collective group thought.
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Here is where you will find practically any ad you have seen on TV. At least that is the goal. And soon you will be able to tell the world what you thought of the ad. You can vote on it, comment on it, discuss the underlying innuendos, and hopefully even get your comments read by some of the leading advertising agencies in the world
Link opens in new window Adcritic

VISITS TO DRUDGE 11/08/00: 002,753,186 IN PAST 24 HOURS, 051,100,131 IN PAST 31 DAYS, 375,401,221 IN PAST YEAR
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I let you into my life. You let me into yours. It's that simple. No more than a few minutes a day - I promise.
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Places to go for discussions about website design and development.

...a participatory community created to honor the best design, writing, and programming on the web. Existing awards shows and "picks" sites have become too commercial and glitzy to do this job right. We think peer review is a better process than any other for finding and promoting excellence on the web
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Part of the CNet Builder site.
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I've added a message board. Go there to talk back to me, or to leave a pointer to your own weblog
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The inspiration for The Not So Big House was a growing awareness that new houses were getting bigger and bigger but with little redeeming design merit.
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Web experiments
Link opens in new window Once upon a forest

Web art, collaborative web art projects and discussions
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I still had these in my favorites folder. Interesting stuff.

Q: Isn't life as likely to have started here on Earth as anywhere else? A: Yes. But that likelihood is still effectively zero.
Link opens in new window Cosmic Ancestry

How Does Life Begin and Develop? Does Life Exist Elsewhere in the Universe? What is Life's Future on Earth and Beyond?
Link opens in new window Astrobiology at NASA


Vote swapping against the law?
Link opens in new window Vote exchange 2000

California officials have forced the shutdown of a Web site that encouraged backers of Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader to join forces with Al Gore's backers to help keep Republicans out of the White House.
Link opens in new window California Nader Vote-Swap Sites Shut, ABC News

The ACLU affiliates of Southern California and San Diego announced today that they will seek a temporary restraining order against California Secretary of State Bill Jones, who threatened criminal prosecution against a voter discussion and strategizing web site called Voteswap 2000
Link opens in new window ACLU Charges Political Censorship, Challenges CA's Shutdown of Votexchange.com

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