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A communal database of ideas and inventions, edited by everybody who wants to. It was created by people who like to speculate, both as a form of satire and as a form of creative expression
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A mind map lets you rapidly produce an almost infinite number of ideas, and at the same time organize them by placing each idea next to what it is related to
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A peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to the study of the "unmarked" - those aspects of our everyday lives that typically go unnoticed by us, both as individuals and as academics
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A renowned professor of linguistics at MIT, he has authored over 30 political books dissecting such issues as U.S. interventionism in the developing world, the political economy of human rights and the propaganda role of corporate media
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I instantly recognized this one of several anomalies there as the most obvious anomalous image ever to come from Mars that even John Q. Public could see as clearly anomalous without experts trying to tell him or her what to think about it
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Pictures of the planet Mars acquired by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) orbiter through August 1999
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Space imaging data, made available to the Mars Mission (13-year independent space research group) investigation of these possibilities, from a variety of official sources (including increasing "inside leaks"), now strongly suggests the presence (on at least two worlds - Mars and the Moon) of extensive ancient artificial structures in the solar system
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Many people fall into one of two camps; those who believe in UFOs, aliens abductions etc (this group is worryingly numerous), and those who think anything to do with aliens is best left to the cranks. Both are wrong
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Many people remain convinced that the "Face on Mars" is artificial, and that the government is concealing its true nature. Such arguments raise a number of questions that Face enthusiasts have yet to convincingly answer
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Leonard Peltier is in jail. The two charged with him were acquitted of murder many years ago. The FBI has admitted that it does not know who killed their agents. It has been undeniably established that Leonard was unjustly convicted and his appeal for clemency is before President Clinton
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American Indian Cultural Support is dedicated to preserving our various Nations sovereignty, legal rights, lands, and cultures. We do this in many ways, but one of those ways is to assist with making living conditions better. When we can, we supply food, clothing, school supplies, arts and crafts supplies in order to meet the minimum daily needs of existence and to encourage education/learning
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This website reflects our commitment to operate within traditional Lakota structures and values - sovereign determination as opposed to the prevailing federal assimilation influenced by the Indian Reorganization Act governmental system. Adhering to traditional Lakota philosophy, as an extension of the group, the website will be a forum for grassroots Lakota people to share their views so voices from traditional tiospayes can be heard internationally without censor or misinterpretation
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From the country's founding through the present, U.S. Indian policy has consistently followed a program to subordinate American Indian nations and expropriate their land and resources
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"You will find that governments all over the world, from South Africa to Germany, are admitting past mistakes in an effort to bring peace and closure to prior conflicts," said Bruce Ellison, former Wounded Knee Legal Offense/Defense Committee attorney, "now we are asking the US government to do the same."
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AIM Casualties on Pine Ridge, 1973-1976
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