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... hackerdom is what anthropologists call a gift culture. You gain status and reputation in it not by dominating other people, nor by being beautiful, nor by having things other people want, but rather by giving things away. Specifically, by giving away your time, your creativity, and the results of your skill
Link opens in new window How To Become A Hacker

...is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their communication aspects
Link opens in new window nettime

...ENGINEER: Look, I got us a monkey! Let's stick him in this bagel and then he'll do our taxes! SYSADMIN: A monkey will not fit in a bagel. [demonstrates] MONKEY: Nice. Real nice. Does your mother know what you do for a living? SYSADMIN: [whispers] Yes. She tells the neighbors I died in 1997
Link opens in new window Monkeybagel


...hello. My name is Peter McWilliams. I am 50 years old. I am a writer, publisher, and photographer. I am an AIDS and cancer patient. I am facing a mandatory-minimum 10-year sentence in federal prison (possibly life) and, oh yes, a $4 million fine. The trial is set to start November 16, 1999. My crime? Treating my illnesses with medical marijuana. I also gave an advance to an author to write a book How to Grow Medical Marijuana. In the government's eyes, that made me a drug kingpin - the infamous head of the medicine cartel
Link opens in new window PeterTrial.Com

...you died a casualty in the war on drugs. The battle was over medical marijuana. Voters in your own home state of California agreed with you that marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. Proposition 215 passed overwhelmingly in 1996, but the federal drug warriors ignored the voters, and your activism made you a target
Link opens in new window ForAHero.Com Peter McWilliams (1950-2000)

...was founded in 1993 and has quickly grown into a national network of more than 10,000 activists and concerned citizens including parents, educators, students, lawyers, health care professionals, academics, and others working for drug policy reform from a variety of perspectives, including harm reduction, reform of sentencing and forfeiture laws, medicalization of currently schedule I drugs, and promotion of an open debate on drug prohibition
Link opens in new window The Drug Reform Coordination Network


...it is our hope that individuals, the academic community, and society as a whole will benefit from a struggle toward integrated and counterbalanced views on complex issues
Link opens in new window Counterbalance Foundation

...publishes articles of a qualitative nature relating complex systems, sensemaking, psychology, philosophy, semiotics, and cognitive science to the management of organizations both public and private
Link opens in new window Emergence

...when I came across the scientific research on near-death experiences, it confirmed what I already knew to be true from the near-death experience I heard about my step-grandfather. I soon developed a deep spiritual hunger for more of this kind of knowledge
Link opens in new window Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

...The Santa Fe Institute is a private, non-profit, multidisciplinary research and education center... operating as a small, visiting institution, SFI seeks to catalyze new collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that break down the barriers between the traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other individuals and encourage the practical applications of its results
Link opens in new window Santa Fe Institute Bulletin

...Since 1996, almost 50,000 student and educators from 100 countries have participated in ThinkQuest bringing together young people from widely divergent cultures and languages, levels of technology, and socio-economic backgrounds
Link opens in new window ThinkQuest 2000


...like other drugs, marijuana is NOT for kids. But providing inaccurate information about marijuana in the form of "shock ads" only discredits adults and our efforts to curb marijuana use by young people
Link opens in new window Change the climate

...our objective is the dissemination of honest, accurate, information on all aspects of drug policy, including alternatives to the criminal justice/prosecution/interdiction model
Link opens in new window The Media Awareness Project

...polices misconduct by all political parties and will not hesitate to bring lawsuits against anyone, Republican or Democrat, who violates the public trust
Link opens in new window Judicial Watch


...where old pop culture is subjected to our patented Re-Ironization Process, and converted into chipper, spiffy, feather-light postmodern commentary on commercial culture. Or, to put it another way: there's enough here to kill two, maybe three lunch hours.
Link opens in new window LILEKS (James) The Institute of Official Cheer

The designer of C++
Link opens in new window Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage

Large SF and Fantasy site. Reviews of books, magazines and tv
Link opens in new window The SF Site: The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy


The original version of A Clockwork Orange was released with 21 chapters in all corners of the earth but the U.S...
Link opens in new window "A Clockwork Orange - the Unofficial Homepage

Link opens in new window Bookface books online

The response to my query about The Plant was small but enthusiastic. You seem to want it, so I am going to put it up
Link opens in new window Stephen King: downloads


Thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the Internet
Link opens in new window Ephisteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet

...for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects
Link opens in new window Global Ideas Bank

...this is a list of people whose ideas on how and where the world is - and should be - evolving, may be of interest to those who want to understand the frontier of human thought, at least according to my opinion. Originally I created it to give credit to people who influenced my ideas but as it often happens the project took a life of its own
Link opens in new window Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net

...Art/Science Network under Legal Attack for Use of the Word "Leonardo"
Link opens in new window Leonardo On-Line


in late May the Turkmenistan Ministry of Communication unexpectedly revoked the licenses of all private Internet providers. The official reason given for the revocation of licenses was that providers had falsified information in mandatory reports to the ministry about the technical and structural details of their services. In reality, the ministry did not conduct any sort of verification or investigation of these reports, and the revocation is merely an arbitrary action by a state agency intended to destroy overly successful competitors to the lagging state Internet provider
Link opens in new window Save Internet in Turkmenistan


...Microsoft has proved untrustworthy in the past. In earlier proceedings in which a preliminary injunction was entered, Microsoft's purported compliance with that injunction while it was on appeal was illusory and its explanation disingenuous
Link opens in new window U.S. v. Microsoft


Ideas with a life of their own
Link opens in new window 1st Spot Memes and Memetics

Peer-reviewed journal about science, technology and society
Link opens in new window Access Research Network

AI, the global brain and more
Link opens in new window Factasia Computing

Article by Ben Goertzel
Link opens in new window Wild Computing - steps towards a philosophy of internet intelligence

introductions to robotics and augmented reality, and a lot of good links
Link opens in new window satyr's robotics page


Introduction to the ideas of Peter Russell and others, about the emergence of a global brain out of world-wide computer networks
Link opens in new window Basic references on the Global Brain / Superorganism

Peter Russell's website
Link opens in new window Peter Russell - The Spirit of Now

More articles about the global brain and related topics
Link opens in new window Noosphere: The Emerging Web of Conciousness

Some background information
Link opens in new window Brain and Mind


...cybermaps, like maps of the real-world, help us navigate the new information landscapes, as well being objects of aesthetic interest
Link opens in new window An Atlas of Cyberspaces

...visualisation of information in multi-user applications where users are able to see eachother
Link opens in new window Populated Information Terrains

This project began as a bit of practical industrial psychology, and ended up unfolding into an understanding of how most people in most human societies have a consistently distorted view of *everything*
Link opens in new window Reciprocality

Ong's hat and other gateways to new dimensions
Link opens in new window The Incunabula Papers

...the revolutionary pleasure of thinking for yourself
Link opens in new window Desoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone

Thought-provoking interviews with over thirty of the leading thinkers of our time on the subject of conciousness
Link opens in new window Mavericks of the Mind

amazing gathering of sites, about topics like alchemy, magic, tarot, music, life and everything
Link opens in new window Levity

Global internetwork established to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences associated with Michael Csikszentmihalyi's Flow theory
Link opens in new window Flow Network

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