The first version of this site went online in April 1999.

It was made on a laptop that I had on loan from my employer, which had Netscape 3 and Explorer 3 on it. It was entirely built in HTML 3.2, which I had taught myself from a manual. The site was hand-coded mainly in Wordpad, with the occasional use of Notepad, and I tested it in both browsers.

It didn't use web-safe colours. Seeing it on a monitor that only rendered the web-safe colours was a bit of a shock: the two shades of tan turned in to pink and grey. Not such a bad combination, but still a nasty surprise.

April 1999 design

This version of the site lived on free webspace provided by Fortune City (Link opens in new window Fortune City). At that particular time Fortune City was a good place to have a website. You were required to display a banner on each web page, but it was allowed to move it to the bottom of the page; and around the message boards there was a thriving community, where people helped eachother building websites and just hung out. I discovered that I enjoyed looking at people's web pages and helping them solve technical problems. It wasn't long before I spent at least an hour a day on the message boards.

In case you're interested, the Egyptian graphic shown on the page was linkware from Neferchichi's Tomb (Link opens in new window Neferchichi's Tomb).

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